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20.04 | 8pm BST / 3pm ET $500 INVITATIONAL *24 CAP* 2v2 Kill Race (Best of 3)


$ 500
Prize Awarded
Apr 20, 20:00
Tournament Start
Apr 20, 20:00
Registration Closes
Europe + North America East
Hosting Region
Teams Registered


  • Please note, as an ELITE member you'll pay 0% fees in ANY and ALL wager matches! Play for $10, keep the full $20.
Hosting Region
Europe + North America East
Call of Duty: Warzone
Prize Pool
Tournament Start
2024-04-20 20:00
2 v 2
Entry Fee
0 Credits
Best Of
PC Players
Input Type
PC Stream Required
Monitorcam Required

Rules for Capped Kill Race Wagers

When accepting or competing in a capped wager match, you rank must be equal to, or below the cap stated in the gamemode.
If your rank changes after you accept the match, then your original rank will be counted towards the cap.

Rules for standard Kill Race Tournaments

No Gulag Kit
No redeploy flares
No reinforcement flares
No heavy helicopters

Rules for Buy Back Tournaments

No redploy flares
No gulag redeploys
No buy-backs at the buy-sation


If you receive a jailbreak, you must SPLAT if you are already dead.

1. All PC players must stream their POV to help us detect and stop cheating.
2. When streaming, PC players must ENABLE VODs so admins can review previous footage.
3. PC players must have their communication audible in the stream.
4. PC players who are frequently causing issues will be asked to monitorcam.

Failure to adhere to our PC requirements will result in severe penalisation. There will be no excuses for not adhering to the requirements of VODs and communication. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your stream meets our gaming requirements.

Game Modes
- All 1v1 matches will be played in Duos
- All 2v2 matches will be played in Quads

How To Win
- In a best of 1, the team that wins the first map will win the match
- In a best of 3, the team that wins two maps will win the match
- In a Kill Race, the team with the most kills at the end of each map will win that map
- In a Survival, the team that survives the longest in each map will win that map
- The only kills that count in a kill race are "Operator Kills" 

- A tie in kills results in a replay of the map until a winner is determined.
- If there is a tie in survival, the team with the most kills will win the map. 

Leaving the game without reason while you are dead before your match is finished to hinder your opponents will result in a forfeit or replay of the map. It is at the admins discretion on if a replay or forfeit will be issued.

No Shows
Teams have 15 minutes after the scheduled match time to show-up with the proper number of players and be ready to start the match. Teams have 10 minutes to join/invite the lobby in between maps. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit.
- If your opponent has not joined within the allotted time, you must submit video proof of the time you spent waiting for them to join/invite. Timestamps are required to authenticate the proof of the no-show. For matches that need to have more than one game played; if your opponents forfeit map 1, you are still required to play map two or provide video proof from 10 minutes after the match start time until 20 minutes after the match start time to show that they also forfeited map two. 
- Teams may start a game short-handed but may not end the game to invite other players in.

Disconnects & Lag
- If you experience a disconnect within the first 30 seconds of landing, and before a kill has been made, you (and your teammate if applicable) must leave the match immediately.
- If you disconnect after the first 30 seconds or after a kill has been made, the match must continue to be completed.
- If you experience lag within the first 30 seconds of landing, and before a kill has been made, you (and your teammate if applicable) must leave the match immediately. 

Kills After Death
30 seconds after the last player in the team has been fully killed (not knocked) that score will determine the winner of the match. If you pull your opponents out of the game within 30 seconds of them knocking an enemy player you risk forfeiting the match.

Restricted Items 
  1. Gulag Kit
  2. Redeploy Kit
  3. Reinforcement Flare
  4. Heavy Helicopter
Sabotage / Griefing
  1. When in your opponent's vehicle, you are agreeing to any actions taken by the driver of the vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, flying out of the safe zone, flying into a building, and jumping out of the vehicle. 
  2. Do not excessively ping for no reason in order to keep your opponent from hearing things.
  3. In order for sabotage to occur, you must have had a chance to win mathematically.
  4. Shooting for no reason on your opponents location.
  5. Calling out opponents locations in proximity chat.
  6. Shooting your opponents balloon or zipline.

This list is not exhaustive and an admin may deem an action as sabotage on a case by case basis.

All decisions will be underpinned by fair play.

Jailbreak Events
- Once all members of a team are fully dead, meaning they do not have gulag anymore, that is their final score for the game. 
- If both members of your team are dead and a jailbreak occurs, you will be required to immediately down yourself by hitting the ground from the respawn. (Note: floating with your parachute is strictly prohibited). If you attempt to get kills after a jailbreak when your team is fully dead, you will risk forfeiting.

Gulag and Re-deploy tokens/packs
- Gulag and Redeploy tokens/packs are not allowed to be used in Warzone matches. It will result in a forfeit if the match is played out in full or not.
- If you redeploy on accident, you must kill/down yourself immediately. You are not allowed to respawn and continue to play.
- If your opponent uses a gulag or redeploy token, it is your responsibility to upload proof of the opponent dying and redeploying immediately.

Reporting and Proof
  • Both team captains are responsible for reporting the results of a match. Both the winning team AND the score must be denounced. 
  • If there is a dispute, have the captain for your team bring it to the attention of an admin with any valid proof. Falsifying match scores mau result in disqualification.
  • When you join a team, you are giving your full consent for the leader to take actions on your behalf. If the leader for whatever reason disbands/reports your loss, ESHUB is not liable and the match will not be overturned.
  • Proof needs to be large enough in size to clearly read all scores and gamertags. If you are attempting to show a restricted item being used, you must show this in the form of video proof and include the scoreboard.
  • For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.
  • Teams caught cheating, glitching, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, may forfeit the map, match or be banned at a staff member’s discretion.
  • When submitting proof, you must show valid video proof that proves the point you are attempting to show.
  • Submitting fake or disputing on purpose will result in your account being suspended.