Axie Infinity Global League - EU Qualifier #1 - 4pm BST (1v1) PC
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Apr 02, 16:00 GMT
Tournament Start
Apr 02, 16:00 GMT
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Hosting Region
Axie Infinity
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Tournament Start
2022-04-02 16:00:00
1 v 1
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PC Players
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PC Stream Required
Monitorcam Required
Axie Infinity ESHUB Ruleset 

All players MUST join the discord server here: 


The qualifiers are open to all Axie Players in good standing
  • All matches will be played in versus mode
  • No Axie locks
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 3 (Semi-finals and finals are best of 5)
  • 1st Place qualifies for the competition

Player Eligibility 
All players are required to link their Ronin address in their ESHUB profile account settings in order to become eligible and register for competitions.


Our website provides a match chat for each match where players can communicate with their opponent and see their Ronin address.

We would also advise players to join the discord server as another form of communication if needed. 

Players have up to 15 minutes after the match start time to join and be ready.

Failure to show up or communicate will result in a forfeit.

When a game is interrupted due unintentional disconnection or player/s getting crashed out from the game, the match will be restarted only if the following circumstances are met:
  • Game interruption did not reach round 7
  • Affected player had no similar issues since the tournament started
 Or on cases where:
  • Game reached round 7 with no defeated Axies on the board
  • Game reached round 7 with the same number of Axies remaining on the board

Players must be from the region that the tournament title states, for example, in an EU only tournament, players must be in Europe.

Players must report the score via the website after the best of 3 has been completed.
Failure to report or intentionally disputing with no proof can result in a ban. 

A match will go into a disputed state if the player reports contradict each other, in this scenario all players must submit valid proof of their result by creating a dispute ticket on the website.

All proof must be valid and legit, fake proof will result in a ban.

When submitting proof, you must show valid video proof that proves the point you are attempting to show.
Submitting fake or disputing on purpose will result in your account being suspended.

Players caught cheating, glitching, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, may forfeit the map, match or be banned at a staff member's discretion.
The league itself will feature livestreams and other forms of content, by playing in these qualifiers you acknowledge that if you qualify and make it into the league, your league matches may be livestreamed by ESHUB if requested, the requests are mandatory. 

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling of the tournament, and penalties for misconduct, lie with ESHUB, the decisions are final.