13.12 | 11:20pm GMT / 6:20pm EST $100 4v4 Ranked Halo Tournament (4v4) Cross-Platform
$ 100.00
Prize Awarded
Dec 13, 23:20 GMT
Tournament Start
Dec 13, 23:20 GMT
Registration Closes
Europe + North America East
Hosting Region
Teams Registered
Hosting Region
Europe + North America East
Halo Infinite
Prize Pool
Tournament Start
2021-12-13 23:20:00
4 v 4
Entry Fee
0 Credits
Best Of
PC Players
Input Type
PC Stream Required
MOSS Required
Rules and settings
Game modes: Ranked Oddball, Ranked Slayer, Ranked Strongholds, Ranked CTF. Put the commands !maps in the chat. Single eliminations, Best of 3. 

Settings: No settings change, simply select the game mode.

Prize: $80 to 1st Place, $40 to 2nd

Region: Open to anyone from any region

Signup: Go to https://theesportshub.com/ and create an account.

Hosting rules: Higher seed hosts map 1, and then you alternate hosts (if from different regions/you wish). If tiebreaker is needed, lower seed hosts.

Seed: Find all the players’ seed by putting the command !seed in the stream chat.

Dispute: Be ready to provide evidence in case of discrepancies in results (don’t be weird).

No-show: If your opponents don’t show up within the 10 minutes of start time, message me. I will then contact them. If they don’t reply/join within 5 minutes, you will be advanced in the bracket. 

Reporting scores: Either on the website, or directly in the stream chat. 

Disconnects: If a player disconnects within 1 minute of map start, go back to lobby and start over. Otherwise, keep playing and join back as fast as you can!

Round of 32: STRONGHOLDS (Recharge), SLAYER (Live Fire), CTF (Aquarius). 
Round of 16: ODDBALL (Live Fire), SLAYER (Recharge), CTF (Bazaar) 
Quarter Finals: STRONGHOLDS (Streets), SLAYER (Aquarius), ODDBALL (Recharge) 
Semi Finals: ODDBALL (Live Fire), SLAYER (Bazaar), CTF (Aquarius) GRAND 
FINAL: STRONGHOLDS (Recharge), SLAYER (Aquarius), CTF (Bazaar)