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Black Squad: PC (Black Squad)

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Single Elimination




up to 100,000* BS Coins per team + an unique EA calling card + Golden Trophy

up to 50,000* BS Coins per team + Silver Trophy

up to 25,000* BS Coins per team + Bronze Trophy
Round 1
Round 2
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals

ALL Users MUST connect their Black Squad Callsign (IGN) To their PC - In-Game Name, you can do this by going to 'Edit Profile' otherwise this will result in a forfeit.

General Information: The word of the responsible admins has weight regardless of the game. Every admin judges neutrally and reliably on the basis of what he has seen or what the evidence is.

If an admin request your teams files (i.e. MOSS,prints,videos...), you have to immediately upload the requested files.

MOSS Protection:

Moss anti-cheat must be used when playing in our competitions.

You can find out information and download the program at https://nohope.eu.

Black Squad must be selected from the list of games.

MOSS is mandatory and all players must use it.

Any teams caught cheating/hacking will be banned from both our website and Black Squad itself.

Once the tournament has finished, the Top 4 teams from the tournament will be required to submit their MOSS files from every round of the tournament.

Also the 4th placed team has to upload their MOSS files because it always can happen that the ranking changes.

How to send your MOSS files:


  • To submit your MOSS files, you must upload the files to an online cloud storage such as dropbox 
  • You must then send the link to the files into our Discord Server under the #moss_submissions text channel
  • Your team has to upload their MOSS files (Semis & Finals) within the next 24 hours of played your last game
  • ​​​​​Please also mention what round the MOSS file is from, what your teamname is, what the oppositions teamname is and the Match ID
  • Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/edw7JdN

Teams must take a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of every round for more reliable proof in case of dispute.



  1. Both teams should add each other. You can find your opponents steam IDs, maps, times and everything else on the match details page. You can find this page by going to 'BRACKET' on the tournament and click on your team name. OR go to user-panel, my teams, [your team name], then scroll to the bottom to find your upcoming matches. Click on the magnifying glass.
  2. Once added, the match details page tells you who is host. Please join your opponent. 

This video will help you with any questions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VohBuIqhO3g


Rewards Table (Black Squad coins per number of teams of tournament)

Number of Teams 1st  2nd 3rd
6-12 5000 3750



10000 7500 5000


20000 15000 10000


40000 30000 20000


80000 60000 40000




- Nvidia Inspector  is strictly prohibited. If you want to use some other software, you have to ask an admin or manager before the game otherwise you'll risk to forfeit the game.

Game Settings -


- Team size: 5 vs 5

- [Best of 1]Rounds limit: 12

- [Best of 3] Rounds limit: 8

- Round time: 2 min 10 secs

- Gamemode: Demolition

- Switch Sides: On

- Team balance: Off

- Third-Person Perspective: Off

- Limited One Sniper per team

- All equipment is currently allowed

- Knife round to decide sides




- The Sever must be the correct server region as stated for the tournament

EU Tournament = EU Servers

NA Tournament = NA Servers

SA Tournament = SA Servers

Asia Tournament = If BOTH teams are from East Asia, play on East Asia Servers!

-If BOTH teams are from Southeast Asia, play on Southeast Asia Servers!

-If one team is East Asia and the other Souteast Asia, the host will play on their own regions server, for map 3 whoever won the most rounds in total across map 1+2 gets to host map 3 on their regional server!





- All weapons are currently allowed except shotguns

- Only one sniper per team is allowed

- Only one light machine gun per team is allowed

- Only one smg per team is allowed

- All equipment is currently allowed.

- Players are allowed to pick up other weapons

- Female Characters are banned!







-Double Wing

-Dust Shield


-Paper Company




Veto - The same map cannot be played twice

Best of 1 -

  • Map provided by ESHUB

Best of 3 -

  • Higher Seed - Ban Map 1
  • Lower Seed - Ban Map 2
  • Higher Seed - Pick map 3
  • Lower Seed - Pick map 4
  • Higher Seed - Ban map 5
  • Lower Seed - Ban map 6
  • Higher Seed - Ban map 7
  • Lower Seed - Ban map 8
  • One map last over to be played.

Best of 5 -

  • Higher Seed - Ban Map 1
  • Lower Seed - Ban Map 2
  • Higher Seed - Pick map 3
  • Lower Seed - Pick map 4
  • Higher Seed - Pick map 5
  • Lower Seed - Pick map 6
  • Higher Seed - Ban map 7
  • Lower Seed - Ban map 8
  • One map last over to be played.


Ping Limits-

All our tournaments have a ping limit of 120ms for "cross region players".

If there is a team with a higher ping (for example on an Asian server) both teams have to agree with each other,if they play or not.
Otherwise the highping team has to substitue its player or it will risk to forfeit the game.

The Ping must consistently be above 120 throughout the match for a team to be forfeited, therefore small lag spikes will not result in a forfeit.

Video proof must be used in order to prove someone has surpassed the ping limit, screenshots are not viable to show players above the ping limit.

Note for you, always contact an admin in a dubious situation: respect the admin's decision and always stay nice and friendly.




  • A green eligibility icon will be displayed once you are eligible.

  • All In-Game Names on a team's roster must be valid. The ID must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.

  • Teams may use a substitute (6th player) who can be changed out for a player inbetween maps. They may not be changed out during a map.

  • If a team uses an ineligible player in a match they will forfeit the map the ineligible player participated in. Proof must be shown to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a match.


Disconnected Player-


  • If a player disconnects before the first kill has been made in the first round, the round must be restarted. If a player disconnects after the first kill has been made, the round must be finished and then the team can request a pause. Dead round (player drop or "DC") can be requested only once per map and only when one of the match participants have lost connection to the match.


No Shows-


  • A team has 15 minutes after the scheduled time to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.


  • Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches.
    To receive a no show win, you must submit a ticket within 45 minutes of the scheduled match time. If you have any proof, be sure to submit it in your ticket.


  • In the event that a no show occurs, it is recommended to use VIDEO PROOF that is at least 15 minutes long.


  • In between maps and rounds teams have no longer than 5 minutes to join back and continue the series.




  • Both teams are responsible for reporting the match within 5 minutes of its completion. If teams do not report matching results, the match will result in a dispute. Both teams are then required to submit a ticket regarding the dispute and include any valid proof they have.


  • If you had a problem with the match, please select the Report Problem option and pick the option that best fits the outcome of your match. Then, you can submit a ticket containing your valid proof.


  • Falsifying match scores may result in a penalty. Do not dispute a match you lost legitimately. Disputing on purpose is defined as knowingly reporting that you won a match despite the outcome of the match resulting in a loss for your team..

  • Matches that go unreported by one team will be reported automatically for the team that did report. Matches that go unreported by both teams will be deleted automatically.


  • To report a match visit the ‘match details page’. The founder MUST do this and ensure you are logged in! Please only report the SERIES win not per map. If you have a dispute you can also create a dispute here.




  • It is recommended to use video proof


  • When submitting proof, you must paste the hyperlinks to your proof in the URL boxes.

  • All proof submitted in your ticket needs to be from the match in question. If you submit proof from the wrong match/game or links to inappropriate material, you risk being penalized.

  • You need to show proof of winning each map/game in a match to be given the win for it. All proof must be clearly visible and show the in-game full scoreboard during the completion of that map/game. The proof must clearly show both team's players to be considered valid.


  • Also, proof needs to be large enough in size to clearly read all scores and gamertags. If you are attempting to show a restricted item being used you must show this in the form of video proof and include the scoreboard.

  • All video proof should be uploaded to a website such as YouTube. The URL link to the individual pictures/proof must be placed in a ticket.

  • All proof should remain available at the provided link for 7 days from the match time. Removing proof may result in the result being overturned.

  • For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser. To submit a glitching or cheating claim, you must submit a ticket and include the URL link containing valid proof.



Teams caught cheating, glitching, using macro, hacks, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, may forfeit the map, match or be banned at a staff members discretion.