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All players must join our official BDO Discord Server: https://discord.gg/EWatZcC

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All players must connect their Character Names to their ESHUB Profiles under 'PC In-Game Name'  in order to become eligible, do this by going to 'Edit Profile'




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Black Desert Online: PC

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2:00pm, 06/23/2018

Single Elimination



Single Elimination

Black Spirit League Invitation

Black Spirit League Invitation

Black Spirit League Invitation
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals

NA Black Spirit League Season 2

Invitation to Participate and Participation Agreement



The Black Spirit League is a 8-week serialized PVP tournament styled in the fashion of the LCS (League of Legends), Professional American Football (NFL), and other similar seasonal tournaments. Black Spirit League weekly matches will be held consistently on Saturday afternoons at 12pm PST, will last approximately 2.5 hours, and take place in the Arena of Arsha (channel determined each week). The Black Spirit League will feature 12 teams of competitors selected from top-four placements in three Open Qualifying Tournaments preceding the beginning of the Black Spirit League. Each Black Spirit League team will play 11 2vs2 matches in a “Best of Seven” format over the course of 6 weeks. The top five teams will qualify for the playoff tournament; the highest scoring team during regular season skips the Quarter and Semi Finals and automatically advances to the Grand Finals. The Quarter Finals and Semi Finals will determine the other Grand Finalist. Prize Pool awards will be distributed at the end of the tournament. The total Prize Pool consists of $500 USD plus 50% of all NA stream donations received during the entire 8-week tournament period. The Black Spirit League will be livestreamed on twitch.tv/BDO_Esports and tandem-cast by Goodvibesguy (twitch.tv/goodvibesguy) and DrPositive (twitch.tv/drpositive) with additional guests. Viewers can donate in Bits currency to donate directly to the tournament organization without contributing to the prize pool.


Black Spirit League Structure

The Black Spirit League will take place as a series of 12 2vs2 matches per day, played in a round robin style. By the end of the 6-week regular season period, each team will have played a total of 11 matches in a “Best of Seven” format, for a minimum of 33 duels and a maximum of 77 duels per team. Each team will be required to play two matches per week in a single-round-robin, and the day’s matches will be played back to back over one continuous broadcast. The round robin brackets will be sorted randomly prior to week one, and regular-season matchups will not be affected by win-loss record. Quarter Final matches, played between the Fifth thru Second place seeds, will take place the weekend following the end of the regular season and will be played in a single-elimination “Best of Five, Best of Seven” format. The Semi Final match will be played, the same weekend, in a single-elimination “Best of Five, Best of Seven” format, following the conclusion of the Quarter Final matches. The Grand Finals will be played the weekend following the Semi Final match. The Grand Final Champion will be the winner of three out of five matches that are a “Best of Seven” format.


Open Qualifier Tournament Structure and Rules

  1. Matches will be “Best of Three” rounds until the semi-finals when it will become “Best of Five” rounds.

  2. Each round will have a 5-minute time limit.

  3. Default Arena of Arsha rules will be applied:

    1. Max HP will decrease over time dropping to 80% at 3:20, and 50% at 1:40.

    2. Should the timer run out, the team with the highest combined remaining %HP will be determined as the victor. Should the two teams’ %HP be equal, it will be a draw.

    3. ‘V’ Emergency Escape cooldown will reset every round.

    4. For all details regarding Arena of Arsha rules, please refer to the official BDO website and announcements regarding the Arena of Arsha.

  4. No substitutions. If a team is absent at the time their match is called, they will forfeit the match. Only two players may be registered to a team, and only those two players may compete for the team. The players who compete in the qualifier on a team will be the ones who qualify for an invitation to the Black Spirit League if the team places in the top 4.

  5. It is a Single Elimination style tournament.

  6. The seeding of the tournament will be randomized just before the tournament begins, and the bracket will be viewable at the start of the tournament.

  7. There will be no character swaps allowed. The character that each competitor registers with is the character they are expected to fight with.

  8. No mirror class teams will be allowed. Sister class teams are allowed, e.g. Mystic and Striker are allowed to fight on the same team, but Mystic and another Mystic would not be allowed.

  9. A minimum of two referees will be present to settle any unforeseen issues or circumstances that may arise during the tournament. The referees will help spot possible bugs and verify the integrity of the matches. They will also ensure that no bias is shown throughout the tournament, and that everything is done according to the rules set forth here.

  10. Positive sportsmanship is an important part of any competition, and this one is no exception. If competitors show poor sportsmanship during the tournament, they may be subject to penalties, or even expulsion from the tournament.

  11. Please refrain from registering with vulgar or offensive team names. Competitors are encouraged to think twice before naming their team name something they may regret. Additionally, team names will be changed or altered if it contains vulgar or offensive language.

  12. Each team will be able to call for a match pause ONCE. Should a player call for a pause, said player will tell the referee(s) the reason for the pause. Based on the reasoning for the pause, the referee(s) will then decide whether to remake the round, or award a round win to a team.

  13. Teams may sign up for all 3 Open Qualifiers. Should a team place in the top 4 of any Open Qualifier, the players on the team will be removed from any following Open Qualifiers and will not be able to compete in any following Open Qualifiers.

  14. The costume awarded to the Guild Leaders of region holding guilds that provides additional bonuses will not be allowed in the tournament.

  15. These rules are subject to change at any time.


Prizes and Eligibility

The Black Spirit League will be supported by a Prize Pool of cash and other prizes, distributed following the conclusion of the Black Spirit League. The Prize Pool will have with a minimum of $500.00 USD, with the potential to grow via crowdfunded donations from Black Spirit League viewers and supporters. 50% of all cash donations made to the broadcasting channel (twitch.tv/BlackSpiritLeague) during the broadcast of Black Spirit League will be added to the prize pool. The prize pool will be distributed in USD via PayPal as follows:

  • 70% of the Prize Pool awarded to Grand Finals winner (1st Place)

  • 20% of the Prize Pool awarded to Grand Finals loser (2nd Place)

  • 10% of the Prize Pool awarded to the Semifinals loser (3rd Place)

Auxiliary prizes may be unlocked for participants as various donation incentives are reached, with preliminary benchmarks set at various Prize Pool values that will be determined at a later date. The nature of these prizes is yet to be determined, and will depend on contributions from sponsors and title publishers.


Black Spirit League Rules and Arbitration

  • All matches will be played in a “Best of Seven” format, with the first team to four wins earning a victory for that match. There will be no exceptions made to this format for any circumstances.

  • Each round will have a 5-minute time limit.

  • The default Arena of Arsha rules for ‘Team Match’ will be in effect. Please familiarize yourself with the Arena of Arsha Team Match rules in-game.

  • Only the registered players and characters in each match will be permitted to compete in the tournament; any absences due to availability, sickness, or other unavoidable circumstances will result.

  • Each competitor will have one appeal for arbitration per week of regular season competition. A competitor can at any point during their match invoke their appeal by ceasing combat indicating via text, voice, or other reasonable means that they would like the match paused. In the case of an appeal for arbitration, the appealing party will be consulted via text or voice communications as to the nature of their complaint. Efforts will be made to evaluate the validity of said complaint and establish a response to attempt to remedy the situation if needed. If an appeal is evaluated as an addressable issue, the round in progress at the time of the appeal will be replayed. No appeals will be accepted after the next round, following the round in which the event occurs, has started.

    • Appeals for Arbitration should be used by a player experiencing any of the following situations, but not limited to:

      • Excessive or abnormal lag

      • Disconnects

      • In-game bug or exploit

  • There will be no character swaps allowed. The character that a player registers with is the character they are expected to fight with.

  • A minimum of one referee will be present to settle any unforeseen issues or circumstances that may arise during the tournament. Referees will help settle cases of arbitration and verify the integrity of the matches.

    • Referees are recruited on a volunteer basis, and are not affiliated with Goodvibesguy, DrPositive, Black Spirit League, Kakao Games, or Pearl Abyss.

  • Positive sportsmanship is an important part of any competition, and this one is no exception. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to: Profanity and Hate Speech, Disruptive Behavior/Insults, Abusive Behavior, Intentional Disconnection, use of known cheats and exploits, or any other methods of undermining competitive integrity, will result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the tournament organizers, potentially including disqualification from Black Spirit League and forfeiture of all earned or awarded prizes.

  • All players must adhere to the Terms of Service set forth by Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games for use of Black Desert Online.

  • These rules are subject to change at any time.






June 23rd, 11amPST              

June 24th, 5pmCET          

June 30th, 11amPST

July 1st, 5pmCET

July 7th, 11amPST

July 8th, 5pmCET






Week 1       

July 14th, 12pmPST                  

July 15th, 5pmCET         

Week 2

July 21st, 12pmPST

July 22nd, 5pmCET

Week 3

July 28th, 12pmPST

July 29th, 5pmCET

Week 4

August 4th, 12pmPST

August 5th, 5pmCET

Week 5

August 11th, 12pmPST

August 12th, 5pmCET

Week 6

August 18th, 12pmPST

August 19th, 5pmCET






Quarters & Semis                    

September 1st, 12pmPST                    

September 2nd, 5pmCET      

Grand Finals

September 8th, 12pmPST

September 9th, 5pmCET



Terms and Conditions for Participation

To participate in Black Spirit League, all competitors must adhere to the following:

  • Competitors agree to all tournament rules and regulations set forth in this document for the duration of the tournament period.

  • Competitors agree to have their in-game likeness (avatars, names, text, and associated information) recorded and streamed publicly at www.twitch.tv and www.youtube.com, and utilized on any other online mediums for promotional purposes.

    • Competitors agree to the allow the use of such information for direct monetization and promotion of Black Spirit League by BDO_Esports and affiliated parties.

  • Competitors agree to participate and be available, to the best of their ability, for every scheduled match of the Black Spirit League .

  • Competitors must compete in the open qualifying tournaments in order to qualify for the Black Spirit League.


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