3 Credits


5 Credits


10 Credits


15 Credits


Cost: 5 Credits

Pack is activated immediately after purchase
24 hours(Cost: 2 credits)

48 hours(Cost: 3 credits)
  • FREE $0
  • 24 hour ticket response time
  • Access to free-to-play competitions
  • Benefit from instant payout prizes
  • 12 hour ticket response time
  • Access to ESHUB Elite & Premium Tournaments on Select Games
  • Premium members can promote their twitch stream while playing a ladder match
  • Instantly join other ladder teams
  • Premium ladder teams receive double XP when facing off against another Premium team
  • Premium ladder teams are eligible for larger prizes on a variety of ladders
  • More customisation options on your profile and ladder teams
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Have the ability to hide your record
  • Free double XP day per month
  • Support the ESHUB platform
When you purchase an item in our graphics store, you will be able to download your item from the download tab. You can access the download tab from the drop-down user menu or by clicking here. All items in the graphic store are sold in a photoshop file format (.PSD). After you download your file, the purchased item will be removed from the download tab. If you require to re-download your item, please contact us at [email protected] with your order number.

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