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Unitended Line Of Sight

Here is a list of specific lines of sights that are forbidden, along with screenshots. Use of this ice wall boost is a map forfeit.

Haven - Attackers Spawn (Ice Wall Boost) 1

Haven - Attackers Spawn (Ice Wall Boost) 2


Ladder Support 

If you require tournament support, please contact our LIVE support HERE. 

If our live chat is not online, you can contact us on social media or discord.



EU servers must be used for EU competitions, NA servers must be used for NA competitons. 


  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Split


Side Selection: 

Map 1: Highest seed (closest to 0) will select side 

Map 2: Lowest seed will select side

Map 3: The team that accumulated the most round wins across map 1 and 2 will select the side for map 3 (In the case of a tie, the highest seed will select the side)

In a Best of 1 Series, the team with the seed closest to 0 will select the side


Custom Game Settings

Map Pool: Split, Bind, Haven 

Mode: Standard 

Cheats: Off

Once ALL players are in, the host MUST close the custom game to prevent outsiders from joining.

For games that are being streamed and casted, the host MUST add the casters as a friend and invite them to the game, both rosters will be contacted prior to the match. 


Gameplay Settings

The hosting team is responsible to ensure all settings are correct prior to beginning the match. If the settings are found to be incorrect and the host does not end the game, your team should acquire proof and subsequently leave the game.



A green eligibility icon will be displayed once you are eligible.

All in-game names on a team's roster must be valid. The account must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.

Teams may use one player who is not registered on the team. This player is a substitute. Only ONE player is allowed to play and not be registered.

Please include your ‘tagline’ at the end of your in-game name, for example ‘ESHUB#0000’ this is so your opponents can add you and join your game. 

No Shows

A team has 15 minutes to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches.

A team has 10 minutes to show-up between each round maximum


  • 100-250 matches = $/€25 prize
  • 250-500 matches = $/€50 prize
  • 500-750 matches = $/€100 prize
  • 750-1000 matches = $/€200 prize
  • 1000-1250 matches = $/€250 prize
  • 1250-1500 matches = $/€300 prize
  • 1500-1750 matches = $/€350 prize
  • 1750-2000 matches = $/€400 prize
  • 2000+ matches = $/€500 prize



Both teams are responsible for reporting the match after its completion. If teams do not report matching results, the match will result in a dispute. Both teams are then required to submit a ticket regarding the dispute and include any valid proof they have. If you had a problem with the match, please select the Report Problem option and pick the option that best fits the outcome of your match. Then, you can submit a ticket containing your valid proof.

Falsifying match scores may result in a penalty. Do not dispute a match you lost legitimately. Disputing on purpose is defined as knowingly reporting that you won a match despite the outcome of the match resulting in a loss for your team..



When submitting proof, you must paste the hyperlinks to your proof in the URL boxes.

All proof submitted in your ticket needs to be from the match in question. If you submit proof from the wrong match/game or links to inappropriate material, you risk being penalized.

You need to show proof of winning each map/game in a match to be given the win for it. All proof must be clearly visible and show the in-game full scoreboard during the completion of that map/game. The proof must clearly show both team's players to be considered valid.

Proof needs to be large enough in size to clearly read all scores and gamertags. If you are attempting to show a restricted item being used you must show this in the form of video proof and include the scoreboard.

All video proof should be uploaded to a website such as YouTube or Twitter. The URL link to the individual pictures/proof must be placed in a ticket.

All proof should remain available at the provided link for 7 days from the match time. Removing proof may result in the result being overturned.

For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser. To submit a glitching or cheating claim, you must submit a ticket and include the URL link containing valid proof.



Teams caught cheating, glitching, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, may forfeit the map, match or be banned at a staff members discretion.

Using map exploits to get outside of the map is strictly forbidden.