Community Fortnite Tips
Posted By: Diomedes | Jun 26, 2018

The best tips from the community, to help you improve!   Practicing in Duos & Squad mode This player suggests that you should practice in Duo or Squad-mode. Not this may not work for everyone, but its worth a try, right? He says “How I got better was...

Weekly Update - 9th of July
Posted By: Diomedes | Jul 9, 2018

Weekly Update – 9th of July Hello! We’ve got loads of information to share across many games ESHUB LAN We reported a few days back that Activision has confirmed our LAN must be 18+.   In addition to this, we’re pleased to sta...

ESHUB Recruitment
Posted By: Diomedes | Jul 17, 2018

The Esports Hub is an online gaming platform. The company started hosting tournaments on twitter, having teams signup through messages and releasing rules via tweets. Fast forward a couple of years later and our platform has just surpassed 62,500 registered users. As our growth does not show any sign of slowing down, we are c...

The Recruitment Drive Continues!
Posted By: Diomedes | Aug 14, 2018

The Esports Hub is further recruiting for more positions as we prepare to launch ourselves into the plethora of new games coming our way in late-2018.   Casters & Producers We are recruiting indiv...

ESHUB in 2019
Posted By: Diomedes | Feb 8, 2019

Introduction We would like to firstly apologise for taking so long to getting back into the swing of things. Our initial date had been January 2019 however unforeseen delays meant we had to keep pushing our dates back.   New Features Not only do we...

The Weekly League
Posted By: Diomedes | Feb 18, 2019

Weekly Leagues The Esports Hub has always tried to do things slightly different, and our league format is no exception. We decided to try something slightly unique because the Call of Duty community is already spoilt with choice in terms of large leagues and we did not see the true benefit...