Ladders at the ESHUB


Rank Team W/L % Strk Rating View
1st Team Luminosity 26-0 100 17 1158
2nd NsanE 5-0 100 5 1037
3rd RDT 4-0 100 4 1031
4th Fox My Son 4-1 80 3 1025
5th I_K 4-1 80 2 1024
6th Xeno 4-3 57 0 1022
7th Latín Nation 5-2 71 1 1021
8th WhysoEasy? 3-1 75 3 1017
9th Team Proximity 2-0 100 2 1017
10th The Last of us 2-1 67 2 1010
11th DarK 1-0 100 1 1009
12th Hypocrites 1-0 100 1 1008
13th ForFun 1-0 100 1 1008
14th Noobs 1-0 100 1 1008
15th Team 2-2 50 1 1003
16th Maracas 4-4 50 1 1002
17th •EXILE• 0-0 0 0 1000
18th The Morse Code 0-0 0 0 1000
19th Fusion 0-0 0 0 1000
20th Burst Style 0-0 0 0 1000
21st Energy BlacK is Back! 0-0 0 0 1000
22nd CAILLOU 0-0 0 0 1000
23rd Deluxe Team ⚜️ 0-0 0 0 1000
24th Immortals 0-0 0 0 1000
25th TH5 K1DS 0-0 0 0 1000

The prizes stated in the title are for Elite teams only, if a non-elite team wins playoffs they will receive a prize that is slightly lower than the one stated in the title

This is one of many benefits for Elite Members, to read more about ELITE benefits visit our Store here

To read more about the league format and how the prize works, please go to the 'Playoffs Info' tab on the ladder page


Players can be on two teams. No more than 2 teams(3 or more is punishable)



Game Modes:
2vs2; 3vs3 and 4vs4

Level 10 Rule-

  • All PSN accounts must be at least level 10 in The Last of Us

  • PSN accounts that are below level 10 will be forfeited

  • If your team matches up against a PSN that is below level 10, you must take video proof and dispute.



  • Burst Rifle Rule-

  • Only 2 players can use Burst Rifle on the same team in a 4vs4.

  • And only 1 player can use Burst Rifle on the same team in a 3vs3.

  • Only 1 player can use Burst Rifle on the same team in a 2vs2.

  • Hunting Rifle Rule-

  • Only 2 players can use HR in 3vs3


Banned Items-

  • Molotovs

  • Armor

  • Purchasable Weapons

  • Covert Training

  • Shorty

  • Bomb Expert

  • Frontier Rifle

  • Tactical Shotgun



The use of glitches will result in the automatic forfeit of the map:

  • Shorty glitch

  • Sniper glitches

  • Bomb glitches

  • Map glitches



-The Dam
-Bill's Town
-High School
-Water Tower




  • After everyone has joined the lobby, the host must lock the lobby by selecting the Options button, then pressing Triangle. Failure to do so will result in the hosting team forfeiting the map if someone joins, You must acquire video proof of someone joining on the opponents host in order to forfeit them for it.


  • It is advised to play in offline mode on your PSN account.


  • If a player cannot connect to the host, you must change the host.


  • You have no longer than 5 minutes between maps and rounds.


  • The NON-HOSTING team picks the side they wish to spawn on.


Host Drop - Disconnecting-


  • If the host lags out, or quits the match, it will result in a forfeit of the map.


  • If a player lags out, or leaves the match, they are not permitted to rejoin and the map must be completed without them.


Gameplay Settings-


  • The hosting team is responsible to ensure all settings are correct prior to beginning the match. If the settings are found to be incorrect and the host does not end the game, your team should acquire valid proof and subsequently leave the game. If you continue to play and finish the map, you will not be allowed to dispute their settings.


  • Using restricted weapons, attachments, boosters, or any other restricted item listed for the match will result in a forfeit of the map being played.


  • VIDEO PROOF is required in the event that restricted items have been used by the opponent.



  • A green eligibility icon will be displayed once you are eligible.


  • All gamertags on a team's roster must be valid. The gamertag must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.


  • If a team uses an ineligible player in a match they will forfeit the map the ineligible player participated in. Proof must be shown to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a match.


No Shows-

  • A team has 15 minutes to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches.


  • To receive a no show win, you must submit a ticket within 45 minutes of the scheduled match time. If you have any proof, be sure to submit it in your ticket.


  • In the event that a no show occurs, it is recommended to use VIDEO PROOF showing that you have sent a friend request, the time and your team in the lobby..



  • Both teams are responsible for reporting the match within 3 hours of its completion. If teams do not report matching results, the match will result in a dispute. Both teams are then required to submit a ticket regarding the dispute and include any valid proof they have. If you had a problem with the match, please select the Dispute option and pick the option that best fits the outcome of your match. Then, you can submit a ticket containing your valid proof.


  • Falsifying match scores may result in a penalty. Do not dispute a match you lost legitimately. Disputing on purpose is defined as knowingly reporting that you won a match despite the outcome of the match resulting in a loss for your team.


  • Matches that go unreported by one team will be reported automatically for the team that did report. Matches that go unreported by both teams will be deleted automatically.



  • Please use video proof from the PS4 share.


  • When submitting proof, you must paste the hyperlinks to your proof in the URL boxes.


  • All proof submitted in your ticket needs to be from the match in question. If you submit proof from the wrong match/game or links to inappropriate material, you risk being penalized.


  • You need to show proof of winning each map/game in a match to be given the win for it. All proof must be clearly visible and show the in-game full scoreboard during the completion of that map/game. The proof must clearly show both team's players to be considered valid.


  • Also, proof needs to be large enough in size to clearly read all scores and gamertags. If you are attempting to show a restricted item being used you must show this in the form of video proof and include the scoreboard.


  • All video proof should be uploaded to YouTube or twitter/facebook. The URL link to the individual pictures/proof must be placed in a ticket.


  • All proof should remain available at the provided link for 7 days from the match time. Removing proof may result in the result being overturned.


  • For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.



  • Teams caught cheating, glitching, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, may forfeit the map, match or be banned at a staff members discretion.


Playoffs to be announced soon!

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