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EasyCompany NO EU
Joueurs de La légende EasyCompany
Recognised Talent NO EU
Follow @rTOnTop
Nerf Clan YES EU
Must be 13 years of age. Must be appointed by the owner /leader
We are the future of esports. A Clan of teenagers
GladiatorsCZ YES EU
turnaje 1x1
turnaje 1x1
Dz power YES EU
L'équipe est toka
Kenzi Lwr9a
TNG.eSports YES EU
Nada nada nada nada
Nada nada nada nada
censored YES EU
18lat komunikator dobra aimowka mozg
new players create history
Inferium eSports YES EU
Must be based in the EU
We're a UK based eSports Organisation. Powered by Humble Bundle & The Rogue Energy
Martial Punishment YES EU
*Dependent on game* Mainly 18* with a chilled persona
mP are a top flyte am eSports organisation competing in any leagues possible, Hopeful lans, We are a funded org!
Emulate Gaming YES EU
18+ - Good communication/team working skills, not just in game but in general with other members - EU Based - PC to be your main platform - As it stands we don't need the best, as long as you show the right attitude and the ability to improve then we would take that any day of the week
All enquiries go to [email protected] or contact us on twitter @EmulateGaming
Venandi eSports YES EU
18+ , German
Venandi eSports ist eine deutsche eSports Organisation.
Bullcity Bums YES EU
Be good at Fortnite
We try-hard and want others to try-hard to
Team Flextraa YES EU
Must be 18 years or older and have decent skill in which game you play
eSports team of college students
*AtackersTeam* YES EU
SriLankan Outop
Only Friends
OutSiders YES EU
Joueurs matures, majeurs et lannable
Joueurs potentiels
XxBlackdevilxX22 YES EU
Have to have 50 wins or more
Fortnite clan
Lambecheese YES EU
Nothing to this organization
Only friends
D1_gang YES EU
no smoke with us
Strive to be great
Spotnickrunka YES EU
600+wins and be active
Best in tha game
Spotnickrunka YES EU
600+wins and be active
Best in tha game
TooManyKillas YES EU
18+ USA citizenship.
New ESports Org.
Plague Esports YES EU
Nothing to crazy we will just trial you in game.
Competitive Esports Team for Ironsight.
LuckyKarmaGaming YES EU
*100+ Wins* Play Daily*
*LuckyKarmaGaming* What Do You Mean????
Exiles YES EU
Chill,have fun,decent game
Have fun dont rage quit be cool
Restive83 YES EU
Only good players
Best fortnite player on ps4
PlayZ Clan NO EU
10 credits/Xbox/MustyplayzYT Contact my xbox name
Contact me for a fortnite tournament good players only/Fortnite need good players KILLS ONLY GOOD BUILDING NO NOOBS TRIALS UNTIL 5:40 BST/6PM Tournament Fortnite
Play Clan NO EU
10 Credits
Fortnite need good players KILLS ONLY GOOD BUILDING NO NOOBS TRIALS UNTIL 5:40 BST/6PM Tournament Fortnite
Gaming dragon slayers NO EU
No requirements just need a PS4
Contact me at [email protected]
SAM Esports Club YES EU
Member Team
Black Squad
YouSelfBepeel YES EU
Kd Must be 1.5 +
Must be Decent at building and be Agressive
WaspsGaming NO EU
Stick together!
We are 8-1 in VAL call of duty league and we need a team for rest of S2!
NOTHING and nothing
DONT SUCK and dont suck
Pandas with Chairs YES EU
not recruiting atm
PwC are a UK eSports organisation competing across multiple games
iRFlow Multigaming YES EU
Tanker - pilots
iRFlow Multigaming is ITALIAN org. that play Battlefield and Rainbow.
SorrowGaming YES EU
Fortnite & Call of Duty
@SorrowGaming_ @ Twitter
Call of Duty Team T20
Please DM us on Twitter @NxtGenGaming
Fortnite player NO EU
Need spourson
Conatact on [email protected]
Must Have 1.25+ K/D any Game.
We Enjoy Video Games.
Be nice play fair no cheating
This is a fun way to play fortnite with you and your friends
HighEnd YES EU
18+ - KD 1.7 or higher
Emperiial eSport e.V. YES EU
18+ headset mic ts ps4 pc teamwork friendly fighter dreamer
Emperiial eSports was founded in May 2015. It all started with a Call of Duty team. From time to time more and more Call of Duty teams joined us and gained respect in the community with wins in leagues and wins on LAN events. in March 2017 followed the entry as a state-proved association. Today, we are a big german multigaming organization with static growing and teams in games like: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA and Rocket League.
Manguste Esport NO EU
MNG members
funded esport Organisation Manguste Esport ASD
test YES EU