49 Orgs Found

Must have 50 wins or more
Fortnite clan
Have to have 50 wins or more
Fortnite clan
Lambecheese YES EU
Nothing to this organization
Only friends
Have to have very good Communication and u have to be very talented
Join our discord @TMS
Must be good
High level competitive clan
A positive attitude and a willingness to learn.
Founded in 2018. RAZR ESPORTS is an amateur community esports organisation. We have just launched our website (https://www.razr-esports.org/) and are looking for players.
D1_gang YES EU
no smoke with us
Strive to be great
SupremeStampede NO USA
Just Don’t Join
Don’t Join
Spotnickrunka YES EU
600+wins and be active
Best in tha game
Spotnickrunka YES EU
600+wins and be active
Best in tha game
TooManyKillas YES EU
18+ USA citizenship.
New ESports Org.
TeamHomeGrown YES USA
Very Active - 50+ wins
Founder is TuxenSnipes and we have 30+ people
xGlobalProwlx YES USA
Skill level decent!
Fortnite gaming!
Plague Esports YES EU
Nothing to crazy we will just trial you in game.
Competitive Esports Team for Ironsight.
Too Nice eSports YES USA
No Toxicity. Lets get Wins.
No toxic players
Discord: https://discord.gg/w74mn5C
LuckyKarmaGaming (LKG) NO GLOBAL
*100+ Wins* Play Daily*
*LuckyKarmaGaming* What Do You Mean????
LuckyKarmaGaming YES EU
*100+ Wins* Play Daily*
*LuckyKarmaGaming* What Do You Mean????
Exiles NO USA
Dont rage quit,decent player
Have fun dont rage quit be cool
Exiles YES EU
Chill,have fun,decent game
Have fun dont rage quit be cool
Rios Esports NO GLOBAL
Good communication, hard working, can take a loss, listens to captain, coaches and management. Good team player.
Teir 1 team filled. Teir 2/3/4 teams open.
Restive83 YES EU
Only good players
Best fortnite player on ps4
Fish Nuggets NO USA
Be active and semi-skilled
We were founded on 5/30!
PlayZ Clan NO EU
10 credits/Xbox/MustyplayzYT Contact my xbox name
Contact me for a fortnite tournament good players only/Fortnite need good players KILLS ONLY GOOD BUILDING NO NOOBS TRIALS UNTIL 5:40 BST/6PM Tournament Fortnite
Play Clan NO EU
10 Credits
Fortnite need good players KILLS ONLY GOOD BUILDING NO NOOBS TRIALS UNTIL 5:40 BST/6PM Tournament Fortnite
Gaming dragon slayers NO EU
No requirements just need a PS4
Contact me at [email protected]
SAM Esports Club YES EU
Member Team
Black Squad
YouSelfBepeel YES EU
Kd Must be 1.5 +
Must be Decent at building and be Agressive
WaspsGaming NO EU
Stick together!
We are 8-1 in VAL call of duty league and we need a team for rest of S2!
NOTHING and nothing
DONT SUCK and dont suck
Pandas with Chairs YES EU
not recruiting atm
PwC are a UK eSports organisation competing across multiple games
Competitive nature
iRFlow Multigaming YES EU
Tanker - pilots
iRFlow Multigaming is ITALIAN org. that play Battlefield and Rainbow.
SorrowGaming YES EU
Fortnite & Call of Duty
@SorrowGaming_ @ Twitter
Call of Duty Team T20
Please DM us on Twitter @NxtGenGaming
Fortnite player NO EU
Need spourson
Conatact on [email protected]
Must Have 1.25+ K/D any Game.
Must Have 1.25+ K/D any Game.
Must Have 1.25+ K/D any Game.
We Enjoy Video Games.
Be nice play fair no cheating
This is a fun way to play fortnite with you and your friends
HighEnd YES EU
18+ - KD 1.7 or higher
AboveInfinity NO GLOBAL
Good communication, Team player, Discord
AboveInfinity, an international Eports organisation that is based in Europe. Our ethos is simply to be inclusive to all - we are gamers after all. One of our main ambitions is to provide a 'home' for all gamers regardless of what they play or what skill level they currently are and expand on our commitment and vision of having our own teams compete with the very best that the world has to offer in the world of competitive gaming.
Mexico FortniteLatme NO GLOBAL
Ganas de jugar y Microfono.
Mi Gt: Rexz IG
Dcounty YES USA
350 plus wins
Elite Players
A Couple of Skuzzers YES GLOBAL
18+, Mic [must have--clean, no echo], XboxOne, Team Player.
A Couple of Skuzzers is an online gaming community that was established for gamers who have a "down to Earth" or "NSFW" type of personality. We are dedicated to not only competing for victory, but also leaving a hellish impression on our foes. For more information, check out our website: www.acoupleofskuzzers.com.
Corrupt Static Gaming YES USA
Must have a mic, must send me your stats, and must be available to practice with other players and available for games.
We are a new organization that was founded on December of 2017. The games we do in The eSports Hub is WW2, Fortnite and Battlefield 1.
Osiris eSports NO GLOBAL
DM on Twitter @TeamOsirisGG
Osiris eSports began as just a small group of friends that wanted to compete in the gaming world. We aim to not only push our morals and our brand image but also ensure we support the core community at the end of the day, with charitable streams, entertaining content and much more. We believe that without such a community based focus then eSports begin to lose it's original value that once created it. We now reach thousands a month on multiple platforms, which gives us the opportunity to promote our new ventures and ongoing updates on what we have planned, current activities and just a general great space to interact with our fanbase. We hope to be competing in Europe and America and all over the globe and Osiris eSports will continue to develop and build upon what we believe in and hope to progress into a leading eSports organisation one day.
Emperiial eSport e.V. YES EU
18+ headset mic ts ps4 pc teamwork friendly fighter dreamer
Emperiial eSports was founded in May 2015. It all started with a Call of Duty team. From time to time more and more Call of Duty teams joined us and gained respect in the community with wins in leagues and wins on LAN events. in March 2017 followed the entry as a state-proved association. Today, we are a big german multigaming organization with static growing and teams in games like: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA and Rocket League.
Manguste Esport NO EU
MNG members
funded esport Organisation Manguste Esport ASD
test YES EU