Welcome to ESHUB 2.0

Posted By: Diomedes | Mar 3, 2018

Welcome to our new ESHUB website.

You’ll notice a few changes, but we’ve tried to keep the essence of the website the same. We’ve kept a familiar layout and tried to create a very easy-to-use platform.

However, we’ve also changed a lot of things.


Firstly, you’ll notice we now have an option for wagers in our ladders. You can now compete on our ladders in either a playoff team (compete for the ladder prize) or a wager team (or both). Players can be on both teams, in the one ladder. These teams cannot play each other but in theory, you could win the ladder prize and win a bunch of wager matches! Read more about wagers here.


Next, you’ll notice that we have included the ESHUB ELITE membership. This is a premium account option that has a bunch of benefits. You can pay a monthly fee and enter ELITE tournaments, make free-cash withdrawals, receive double XP and have customisation features that free-to-play users don’t have! If you’re a casual gamer and don’t want to pay for your experience, then do not worry – we’ve kept all the free-to-play features on our original website. Read more about ELITE here.


Further, we’ll just rattle off new features that may come across on the website: LIVE chat web-support; new bracket system; banking system (deposit and withdrawal); ladder-match challenge system; updated league system and interface improvements.


One of the biggest changes you may notice is that our website is now using the U.S. Dollar. This means that all our leagues, including EU-only leagues, are using the U.S. Dollar. This is something we cannot avoid but rest assured that you’ll still receive league winnings or pay-outs via Paypal as you would normally with any other currency.


We’d also like to take this opportunity to invite you to bug report for us! If you use the website, and come across a bug or a glitch, then please post them here in our forums. If you do successfully find a bug or glitch, you’ll be rewarded with some credits to use around our website.


We hope you enjoy the website.

Good luck on the Battlefield!