The Weekly League

Posted By: Diomedes | Feb 18, 2019

Weekly Leagues

The Esports Hub has always tried to do things slightly different, and our league format is no exception. We decided to try something slightly unique because the Call of Duty community is already spoilt with choice in terms of large leagues and we did not see the true benefit in having another similar style-league. 

We created our league with a couple of key focuses:

Firstly, our weekly league will start and finish (big spoiler) within one week. This means you can pay entry and then receive the prize money all within 7 days or less. Prize money will be distributed more regularly and frequently than the traditional league style. Why wait a month when you can win money every other week? 

Secondly, since our league runs for only one week, roster changes are not going to be an issue. Even though teams may have one substitute, you will still need to pick your team carefully and stick with them because whoever you sign-up with will be required to compete in the playoffs!

Lastly, we'll be able to vary our weekly leagues with different rule-styles and even different formats! Search & Destroy players get ready for some Search-only action!


Our league will be based on a structure most players are familiar with.

  • Teams will be split into groups of 4.
  • Teams are then required to play three best-of-5 games during the week (between Monday and Friday).
    • Games will be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6pm and 9pm however teams have the option to reschedule their match.
  • The top 3 teams from each group will advance to the double elimination Playoffs which take place on Saturday with the bottom team being eliminated from the competition.
  • The remaining teams within the group will advance to a playoff bracket with the highest placing seed starting in Winner Bracket Round 2. The second highest seed will start in Winner Bracket Round 1 and the third highest seed will begin in Loser Bracket Round 1.

On Saturday we will be LIVE Streaming the action in the later rounds!


The Finances

Our first league will start with an entry fee of £25.00 ($31.00) per team. Each organisation that joins our League will not only gain entry to our League for £25.00 but will be announced with an intro video featuring the organisation logo. The intro can be downloaded, kept and re-used afterwards! Check the intro we gave teams for our last league during Call of Duty: World War II.  (This perk is only available to Organisations and not to pick-up teams who are competing for the week).

Please note that teams may have up to 6 players on their roster. One space may be reserved for a substitute or a team owner who can make the league spot purchase while maintaing ownership of the league.

The prize for the first weekly league is a guaranteed minimum £500 ($600).

Prize distribution will be as follows:

  • 1st place receives £400.
  • 2nd place receives £75.
  • 3rd place receives £25.

These figures are based on 16 teams (or less) competing and will increase if more teams participate. There must be a minimum of 10 teams competing otherwise the league may be postponed. As our weekly leagues progress, we will vary the sign-up costs and therefore the prizes to accommodate for all players.


The Weekly League #1 - 5v5 | Variant | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | Playstation 4 | Europe

Our first weekly league begins on March 4th 2019 and finishes on March 9th 2019. 

This means teams will be required to play on:

  • Match #1 8pm GMT Tuesday 5th March
  • Match #2 8pm GMT Wednesday 6th March
  • Match #3 8pm GMT Thursday 7th March
  • Playoff Tournament 2pm GMT Saturday 9th March

Please remember that you may reschedule your match however these are the time slots that are allocated to each match. 

Interested? You can purchase entry to the Weekly League for $31 USD (through Paypal) or contact us on LIVE support, social media or e-mail ([email protected]) if you would like to sign-up using GBP or another currency via Paypal.


Thank you for reading! The Weekly League will be coming to other regions & other games in the near future!