The Recruitment Drive Continues!

Posted By: Diomedes | Aug 14, 2018

The Esports Hub is further recruiting for more positions as we prepare to launch ourselves into the plethora of new games coming our way in late-2018.


Casters & Producers

We are recruiting individuals to join our casting team. Regardless if you’re looking to get into casting or have previous experience in casting, there are opportunities for everyone!

We’ll be looking for casters in the following games:

  • European Call of Duty (PS4 & PC)
  • North America Call of Duty (PS4 & PC)
  • Battlefield (PS4 & PC)
  • Black Squad (PC)
  • Ironsight (PC)


Casters may be required to maintain a weekly schedule when casting an event, such as a league. Alternatively, casters may also be required to commit to a one-day event or a weekend schedule.

Casters that can produce streams would also be required to familiarise themselves with the functions of software such as OBS or Xsplit.

What do you get?

Casters will have the opportunity to earn pay from casting work.

In addition to this, casters can use The Esports Hub to build their casting portfolio and their personal brand.

European Call of Duty casters may have the opportunity to join us at our ESHUB LAN Events.

How to apply

To apply to this position, please email [email protected] with information about yourself and links to previous casting work (or if this is not available, links to yourself casting over pre-recorded gameplay).


North American Call of Duty Game Manager

We are currently on the lookout for one individual to help with our North American Call of Duty community.


The applicant will be responsible in helping ESHUB kick-start competitions on the website.

  • You will be responsible for weekly events and advertising these events.
  • Ensuring that the events truly reflect the community’s needs.
  • You will be required to use unconventional means to contact players (reddit or forums) in addition to conventional means (twitter and facebook).
  • You will have a direct hand in guiding the community on The Esports Hub platform.

In addition to this, you’ll have a valuable input into Leagues and Tournaments in addition to helping grow our new system, which will be replacing our wager ladders and be released within the coming months.


  • Applicants should be strongly motivated to be involved with esports and a desire to turn their passion into a working responsibility.
  • Users will be required to work on:
    • Tournaments
    • Leagues
    • Social media & advertising
    • Rule creation
    • Discord advancement

How to apply

Serious applicants should apply this position, by sending an email to [email protected] Potential for part-time pay is available if certain criteria is met. In addition to this, commission is earned immediately.

We have not included any template format to fill out. You may type as much as you like in applying for the position.


Volunteer Call of Duty Admins

The Esports Hub is also recruiting Volunteer admins to help us with our Call of Duty competitions.


Admins are required to help moderate tournaments and operate LIVE Chat. Admins will not be required to know any coding as tournaments are moderated through a click-and-go system. You’d have an influence in our daily tournament schedule and be an integral part of our Call of Duty team.


  • 18+
  • Fluent in English
  • Have a deep understanding of the Call of Duty competitive scene
  • Be able to commit to a tournament and complete a tournament on a weekly basis.

How to apply

To apply to this position please fill out this form here.


League Operators

Finally, we are recruiting users to join our league team.


Applicants would be required to:

  • Manage dates that the League would operate on
  • Help advertise and promote the League
  • Schedule matches and ensure communication between teams is opaque
  • Edit graphics for the league
  • Execute a playoff tournament at the weekend


  • 18+
  • Fluent in English
  • Have a deep understanding of the Call of Duty competitive scene
  • Have excellent organisational skills
  • Have access to Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects and a basic understanding of how this software works.

How to apply

To apply to this position please fill out this form here.

League Operators will earn a substantial commission from each league they help work on.