No Fee-Wagers & Ladders

Posted By: Diomedes | Mar 3, 2018

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but we’ve implemented wager challenges into our website.



In case you didn’t know, a wager challenge is where you (and your team) put up some money and challenge another team to a ladder match. The opposition would then put up the same amount of money and it’s a simple case of winner takes all! Wager challenges adds a new level of excitement to competitions – don’t worry, if you don’t feel comfortable wagering money then you can continue to play our free-to-play ladders and tournaments (scroll to the bottom of this article) or start off small and bet $1 per player!


Wager Fees

Our wager challenges have no fees at all. This means, you keep what you earn. Some websites may only give you 90% of a wager but we’re determined to give you the best experience, therefore you’ll keep 100% of the money you win. However, we will make it clear that there is a $1.00 withdrawal fee for all users (this is to cover any currency exchange fees or Paypal fees). If you think that you may be using our website a lot then we suggest you check out our ESHUB Elite Membership – ESHUB Elite users do not encounter any withdrawal fees.


What do you need to Wager?

Before you get started you’ll need to enable wagers on your account. To do this, simply click onto your User Panel (this is found on your profile username) and click ‘WAGER ACTIVE’. This enables you to play Wagers. We strongly suggest that you disable wagers every time you log-off for the evening or leave wager-teams at the end of your gaming night.

Next, you’ll need to deposit funds to play with on your account. To do this, visit the user panel once more and go to ‘My Bank’. Here, you can deposit money to play with or even withdraw money you’ve won.

Lastly, all you need to do is find a team or even play singles! You’ll be set to go!


How to play Wagers

Go onto the ladder you wish to compete on. On this ladder, you’ll be prompt with two options, either create a play-off team or wager-team. Unfortunately, wager teams are not eligible to play for the ladder prize. If you wish to compete for the ladder prize, then you must create a playoff team. However, if you just wish to wager then simply create a wager team.

Wager teams work the same way as playoff teams except you can only play against other wager teams and you cannot wager for no money!

This means, that if you are a casual player or new to competitive and you do not want to spend money, you can easily join a playoff team and compete for the ladder prize.



To withdraw your funds, simply pop onto ‘My Bank’ and put in a request to withdraw funds. There is a $1 withdrawal fee for free-to-play users however this fee is removed for ELITE members. Further, when withdrawing funds there is a $5 minimum withdrawal which means you must have $5 or more to withdraw – this is simply to stop our team being overwhelmed by small withdraws.

Lastly, withdraws should be made very prompt however there may be a 24 hour – 48 hour delay. This is very unlikely but its important we mention this – just as a precaution!


ESHUB Wager System

Uploaded by ESHUB Management on 2018-03-04.

Are Wager matches not for you? Free-to-play Ladders!

If you just want to play for fun, then please make a play-off team. These teams are eligible to play for the prizes of the ladder and play for free

Here is what you must do:

  1. Registert an account on our website.
  2. Go to 'Find Your Game'
  3. Select which game you wish to compete on.
  4. Go to 'Platform' and pick your platform (PC, XB1 or PS4)
  5. Click onto the ladder section and pick which ladder you wish to compete on.
  6. Go to 'Create a playoff team'
  7. Simply fill out your team name and if you want, a team logo.
  8. Repeat steps 1-5 or find the 'return to competitions' button.
  9. Click on 'Create a match' and fill out the information.
  10. Wait for your match to be accepted! 
  11. The rules section will help you with any in-game rules and the format.

Please ensure your PSN/XBL/Epic Username/ Steam ID are connected to your ESHUB profile and your timezone is correct. You can change all of this in 'edit profile'. Below is a helpful video guide:


ESHUB Getting Started

Uploaded by ESHUB Management on 2018-03-04.

Good luck on the wager-battlefield!

P.S. You can play on both a playoff team and a wager team!