Ironsight Championship League

Posted By: Diomedes | Jun 5, 2018



Firstly, we’d like to give a massive Thank You to everyone who got involved with Season One of our Ironsight League. From those competing, to those who simply liked a tweet at some point, we thank you! Season One attracted a much larger audience than we anticipated, so we’ll be continuing that momentum over into Season Two.


Season One did not boast a prize pool. There were numerous reasons for this, the main reason being that the game is still very new, as was the competitive community. However, we now feel that the competitive foundations have started to take shape within the community, allowing us to host a prize for Season Two.


Season Two Basic-Format

Season Two of our Ironsight League will see the return of both European and North American Leagues in the form of the European Championship League and North American Championship League.

The following information applies to both European and North American Leagues:

  • A total of 8 teams will compete in the League.
  • 7 teams will enter the league through qualification tournaments
  • Season One invitational winners will be awarded a spot within Season Two.
  • Teams will play two games per week.
  • There will be no group-play.


Qualification Tournaments

Leagues will have 7 qualification tournaments, twice a week. These tournaments will take place over June and the start of July. Only the winning team from each tournament will qualify for the league.

Season Two will therefore be made up of 7 qualified teams and the winning team from Season One. This will truly be a battle of the champions.



The league prizing will be based on the number of teams per qualifier.

Qualifiers will cost 5 credits per player ($3.25).

Initial predictions estimate the prize to be around $250 for Europe and a $500 for North America.


Qualifier Schedule

First qualifiers will take place on Saturday 30th of June

Thereafter, there will be two qualifiers a week, for three weeks

We will run one qualifier during the week and one qualifier at the weekend. 

1st Qualifier (EUROPE)

Qualifier 1 | 4pm BST 5v5 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament

1st Qualifier (NORTH AMERICA)

Qualifier 1 | 4pm EDT 5v5 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament



In the event that a qualified teams splits before the league or during, one of three scenarios will occur:

  1. In the event that an entire team splits and the roster does not stay together, the team founder will retain ownership of the spot.
  2. In the event that three or more players (the majority) stay together, the team ownership will go to a new captain selected from those 3 players.
  3. If an Organistaion has purchased the entry to a qualifier, the Organisation owns the league spot. ESHUB must be told that the Organisation has paid for the entry PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION STARTING.

Rosters will be severely restricted. You will not be able to freely change your rosters as you see fit during the league. You will be required to stick together. If you cannot make this commitment, do not enter. You will have the opportunity to make a roster change at some points in the league and you will be allowed to have substitutes on your team. 


Non-qualifying Teams

Teams that do not qualify for the Championship League will be eligible to compete in a secondary league.

This League will run with little to no prize but will allow for teams to practice. The winning team of this League will also be invited to participate in Season 3.


Full Online Competition Schedule

Weekly Tournament schedule:

  • Monday: No Tournament
  • Tuesday: Qualifiers
  • Wednesday: Free-to-play 2v2 Tournaments
  • Thursday: No Tournament
  • Friday: Credit-entry 2v2 Tournament with prize pool.
  • Saturday: Qualifiers
  • Sunday: Free-to-play 5v5 Tournaments

We are currently looking at running more tournaments on Monday or Thursday. We'll be looking at a credit-entry 5v5 and another free-to-play tournament. Let us know your thoughts!

Important Dates:

  • June 4th - 10th: Last matches of Season One League
  • June 11th - 17th: Playoffs for Season One League
  • June 18th onwards: Start of Qualifiers for Season Two

This weeks Tournaments:


Europe | 6:30pm BST | 2v2 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament.

North America | 6:30pm EDT | 2v2 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament.



Europe | 6pm BST | $100* 2v2 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament

North America | 6pm EDT | $100* 2v2 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament



Europe | 6pm BST | 5v5 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament

North America | 6:30pm EDT | 5v5 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament


Are you new here? Want to join a tournament? Watch this video help-guide!