Introducing ESHUB Elite Membership

Posted By: Diomedes | Mar 3, 2018

Part of the new update is the introduction of our ESHUB ELITE membership.


This is a monthly membership that truly elevates your gaming experience. When purchased, you'll notice your account has an extra tab in the user panel - here you can manage and operate your additional account features. Check out the benefits from being an ELITE Member:


  • You are eligible to compete in all ESHUB Elite Tournaments (these tournaments are every few weeks and free-to-play)
  • ELITE members are eligible to win credits when competing in free-to-play Fortnite tournaments.
  • Premium teams are eligible to select a map(s) when they post a match on the matchfinder (all ladders).
  • Premium users no longer have a 3 hour cooldown before joining another ladder team.
  • Premium teams receive double XP when facing another premium team on the ladders.
  • Premium teams are eligible for larger pay-outs on ladders.
  • The $1 withdrawal fee is removed for ESHUB ELITE members - this means free withdrawals.
  • Premium users can customise their profile header and premium teams can customise their team header.
  • Premium users can hide their record on their profile.
  • Premium users receive a free double XP day, once a month.
  • A premium user has the option to gain an ELITE status in our discord server.

And most importantly, by purchasing ELITE you will allow us to host more pay-out tournaments, more regularly with larger prizes.


 A ladder teams become ELITE when half or more of the members on the team are ELITE accounts. For example, if you are playing a 3v3 team, 2 members would need to be ELITE.


To purchase ELITE, click here.