Community Fortnite Tips

Posted By: Diomedes | Jun 26, 2018

The best tips from the community, to help you improve!


Practicing in Duos & Squad mode

This player suggests that you should practice in Duo or Squad-mode. Not this may not work for everyone, but its worth a try, right?

He says “How I got better was anytime I had the chance to play alone I took it to play solo vs duo or squads. Now these are the challenging types of games because once you’re dead that’s it, you must queue up again for the next game. Getting yourself into environments which don’t favour you are the best way to improve as it will show how you deal with an outnumbered team and how you will take on the team of 2/3/4. Even if you only knock a few and die you’re still making progress and after you can look back on your mistakes and ask yourself what I could have done differently to eliminate my opponents.”

This isn’t a bad strategy, once you can win these gunfights, solo is going to be a breeze!

Tip by: Mossy



Positioning is key in Fortnite. When engaged with an enemy, always try to go for the height advantage, be it position on the map or by building. This will give you an edge and if the enemy backs off, you can use this time to heal, if need be.”

A great tip. In most combat situations, the high ground is preferred because you’ll always have eyes on your opponent and shooting down, you’ll generally have the bigger target.

Tip by: Yellowhat07


Hunting Rifles

Hunting rifles have the quickest reload time of all snipers.”

This may not be a commonly known fact. However, if you’re at a medium range then shooting off two or three bullets more than your opponent could give you the cover fire you need to advance or escape!


Stink Bombs

Stink Bombs don’t take off shield.”

This is a great tip. If you hit your opponent with a stink bomb then be sure to think how you approach the fight. This could be a great method to kill someone in the storm.


Healing up

Use triangles to build around you if you are drinking shields or taking meds, they only take 10 materials instead of 50.”

This is another great tip. Crouching in a triangle or using them around you to shield you could save you materials. If you’re past the start of the game, then this is could be a game changer!

Tip by: Jacksonb1634


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