Call of Duty Leagues S2

Posted By: Diomedes | Mar 3, 2018

After running Season One of the Call of Duty Leagues, for World War II, we've come to a unique understanding. Players are not that interested in all the gimmicks surrounding leagues - interviews, top 5s, rostermania and so on. So we've decided to take our Leagues back to the basics and really focus on making our leagues fast, quick and easy-payout. 


Therefore, our leagues will go in a new direction...

  • Each league is limited to 32 teams. There are no qualifiers - just simple team-pass purchase.
  • Leagues will run for a duration of either 2 weeks or 4 weeks with playoffs being the following week.
  • Teams would be required to play twice a week (2 week duration) or once a week (4 week duration).
  • The top half of each group will then advance to a one-day playoff and payouts will be paid out on that day.

Once a league is full, signups for the next Season will open immediately. 

We'll vary our league and listen to your feedback. If you want higher-payout leagues, we'll slightly raise the buy-in fee. If you want a lower buy-in fee, we'll slightly reduce the prize.


This means, in theory, you'll never be far off cashing-out and you'll always be able to compete in a league. Our leagues will be easy to use, very simple and there will be no unncessary delays. In addition to this, we've also created our 4v4 Search & Destroy League and 2v2 Search & Destroy League. These leagues will be staggered and run on different days from the 4v4 Variant League which means you can, in theory, play in all 3 Leagues and cash out every week. P.S. Only some leagues will be streamed, so please keep an eye open for that! 


To continue the good news (or bad news, depends on your opinion of our last league), we've updated our built-in league system on our website. Teams must submit proof when reporting a win or no-show. This means that there is no more false reporting or unjustified wins. All records have been adjusted to now accurately reflect a teams true score. 


Finally - we're looking to host a league on a different Call of Duty title, even if its only 16 teams. Let us know what previous-Call of Duty title we should host a league in by replying to our forum-post here.