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Black Squad Announcement

Posted By: Diomedes | Jun 23, 2018


Firstly, we’d like to say a big thank you to all the support we have received from the community in the past 2 months, within this article we will be announcing a new competition, tournament changes, a new tournament format and lots more!

League Announcement

We are happy to finally announce the ESHUB Black Squad League!

Alongside our weekly tournaments, we have decided to create a league for Black Squad. This league will only be for the best teams per region and will allow us to live-stream and cast matches every week using the competition channel!



It will be 5v5 Demolition!

There will be 4 separate leagues, a league for each region with 8 teams per league

-North America
-South America

  • 4 Teams will be invited

  • 4 Teams will qualify

  • Top 4 teams of each League will qualify for a seeded bracket play AKA Playoffs

Winner of each Playoff will become the number one team in their region!


Min Players = 5

Max Players = 8

This means teams are allowed 3 substitutes, since leagues last over multiple weeks, subs will be needed for most teams


How to Qualify

Teams that have been invited to the league will be announced over the coming weeks.

If your team were not invited, do not worry, you can still compete in the league by playing in our qualifiers. We will be running qualifiers for each region which will decide who qualifies for their league!

  • 4 Qualifier Tournaments per region, winner of each tournament qualifies for the League

These tournaments will take place once per week!


Qualifier Dates

Europe - Qualifier 1 - 5v5 Demolition - 4pm BST Saturday July 7th
North America - Qualifier 1 - 5v5 Demolition - 6pm EDT Saturday July 7th
South America - Qualifier 1 - 5v5 Demolition - 5pm BRT Saturday July 7th
Asia - Qualifier 1 - 5v5 Demolition - 5pm JST Saturday July 7th

Europe - Qualifier 2 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 14th
North America - Qualifier 2 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 14th
South America - Qualifier 2 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 14th
Asia - Qualifier 2 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 14th

Europe - Qualifier 3 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 21st
North America - Qualifier 3 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 21st
South America- Qualifier 3 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 21st
Asia - Qualifier 3 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 21st

Europe - Qualifier 4 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 28th

North America - Qualifier 4 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 28th
South America- Qualifier 4 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 28th
Asia - Qualifier 4 - 5v5 Demolition - Saturday July 28th



  • The Champion of each region will automatically qualify for season 2 leagues which will feature a cash prize!

  • A brand new unique calling card for ESHUB league winners only (to be revealed soon)

  • BS Coins



We will also be live-streaming matches every week, be sure to follow our twitch channels to be notified when we go live!

We will also be running giveaways for viewers who tune into our streams, more info to be released soon!

We are also looking for casters to help stream/cast our matches every week


Rule Changes

Starting next week, we'll be making the following changes to our Tournaments and Black Squad Competitive Format:

  • Any match that is best of 1 will now be first to win 12 rounds instead of 8.

  • Teams that win our weekly 5v5 Tournaments will not be allowed to compete in the next weekly tournament.

    • Example: Team A wins a 5v5 Tournament on the 1st of July. They are then not allowed to enter the next 5v5 Tournament on the 14th of July. After this tournament, they are free to enter again.

    • This will allow for new winners to compete


Introduction of credit-entry tournaments & weekly competition schedule

All tournaments will alternate regions, week to week. This means week 1 will be two regions (example South and North America) and the following week the two other regions will have tournaments (example Asia and Europe).



2v2 funcup tournaments -



2v2 credit-entry tournaments (entry is $1.95 per player or 3 credits) -

These tournaments require 3 credits to enter. Credits can be purchased here.

Please also note that these tournaments require two teams to join and t he prize shown is based on 32 teams competing. The prize will change with the number of signups.



League qualifiers



5v5 funcup tournaments -



We are looking for casters from each region to live-stream and cast our league matches every week, we are need of

-NA Casters
-SA Casters
-EU Casters
-Asia Casters


We also have positions open for…

- South America Regional Manager
- Asia Admins
- EU Admins
- SA Admins

If you are interested in any of these positions and wish to apply, send an email to, [email protected]


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Youtube Channel

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