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Black Desert Online League!

Posted By: AaGuy | Jun 5, 2018

The Esports Hub are proud to announce our official expansion into Black Desert Online alongside our partnership with the Black Spirit League!

Black Spirit League Season 2 Announcement


It’s time to get the blood flowing in the Arena of Arsha again with the return of the Black Spirit League Season 2! This season will be double the fun as we’re hosting two leagues in 2v2 formats! There will be both an NA and EU league with their own separate crowdfunded prize pools starting at $500 each! They will run tandem to each other with the NA league held on Saturdays, and the EU league on Sundays. Both leagues will be broadcast over at  

NA Schedule

Open Qualifiers


  • | - | - June 23rd, 11amPST| June 24th, 5pmCET June 30th, 11amPST| July 1st, 5pmCET July 7th, 11amPST| July 8th, 5pmCET  

Regular Season

Week| NA| EU

  • | - | - Week 1| July 14th, 12pmPST| July 15th, 5pmCET Week 2| July 21st, 12pmPST| July 22nd, 5pmCET Week 3| July 28th, 12pmPST| July 29th, 5pmCET Week 4| August 4th, 12pmPST| August 5th, 5pmCET Week 5| August 11th, 12pmPST| August 12th, 5pmCET Week 6| August 18th, 12pmPST| August 19th, 5pmCET  


Playoffs | NA| EU

  • | - | - Quarters & Semis| September 1st, 12pmPST| September 2nd, 5pmCET Grand Finals| September 8th, 12pmPST| September 9th, 5pmCET  

For an in-depth look and a full set of rules, refer to this document.  

We are excited to partner with The Esports Hub and they will be hosting the tournament brackets and registration. Registration links for the Open Qualifiers are below. Registration is now open and will close the Friday before each tournament. For example, the NA June 23rd Open Qualifier registration will close Friday June 22nd.  



For additional help and information on the registration process for the BSL, follow the instructions on the website or feel free to message Goodvibesguy(Goodvibesguy#2649) or DrPositive(DrPositive#0705) on Discord.

Here is a quick tutorial video on how to use the website. Note the second half regarding score reporting will not be relevant to these tournaments. The steps to take to register are as follows:  

  1. Create an account.

  2. Click the 'Find Your Game' button located at the top left and select 'Black Desert Online' at the bottom of the list.

  3. Select the 'Join Tournament' button for the one you wish to register for.

  4. Click the 'Join' tab.

  5. Type in your team name.

  6. Click 'Edit Team'.

  7. Invite your teammate's username on the website.

  8. You and your teammate are now registered for the tournament.  

Additionally, we are currently looking for volunteer Admins to help run the backend side of the tournaments. If you are interested in helping the NA league, message BDOBloo on Discord at Bloo#5379. If you are interested in helping the EU league, message JustElena on Discord at justElena#8828.

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