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Published by Diomedes 17 days ago

The Esports Hub team is looking to expand as we prepare to release our new, 2018 esports platform. We’re looking for some dedicated individuals who love esports and want to join our growing ranks. Here are the current positions that we are looking to fill:



Rainbow Six Siege Online Game Manager

We are looking for one individual to join our management team. This position requires the individual to have previous experience in R6S esports and a business background is recommended. The individual is required to expand the ESHUB brand within the R6S community and organise & recruit teams for a R6S League. The applicant should be 18+ and speak fluent English. Please send an email to [email protected] – detailing your background in esports and other information.



Online Support Specialist [Call of Duty – Europe & North America]

Online Support Specialists are required to resolve match disputes, handle pressured situations and confidently make quick decisions. You should be familiar with the Call of Duty title and be familiar with the rules and maps. All applicants should be 18+ and be fluent in English.


Apply to be an Online Game Specialist here.



Splatoon 2 Online Game Manager

In addition to the above, we are looking to expand our team by bringing in a Splatoon 2 Online Game Manager. This individual should be confident in handling a small team, have a great deal of experience within the competitive Splatoon community and want to help us shape the Splatoon esports scene. Again, the applicant should be 18+ and speak fluent English. Please email [email protected] and detail all previous experience you have within the competitive Splatoon community.



Fortnite Online Game Manager [Europe & North America]

We are looking for TWO individuals who have a great deal of experience within the esports scene to join our team. There will be two vacant positions within our team - Fortnite Online Game Manager [North America] and a Fortnite Online Game Manager [Europe]. Due to the scale of our Fortnite community, we’ll be raising the minimum requirements. Applicants should:

  • Be 18+
  • Speak fluent English
  • Have a great understanding of Fortnite & other Battleground game titles
  • Have experience within an esports organisation either within the management team or as a professional player.
  • Can organise a small team to a weekly schedule.
  • Confidently be able to share their ideas and come up with strategies on how to execute said ideas.

Responsibilities would include organising a small team and arranging daily competitions; ensuring that competitions accurately reflect what the community wants and needs; if need be, admin and run an online competition; be involved with content creation processes to ensure that all avenues of engagement are being utilised; and finally, bring your own ideas to the table on how we can expand further and improve our competitions.

Interested in starting something in Fortnite esports? Email [email protected]. If you do not meet the requirements stated above, you will not receive a reply via email. Please ensure you detail your email with as much information as possible – we have not set any parameters for what is to be contained within the email so impress us!


Thank you to everyone who applies!