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The Fortnite Roundup

Published by Diomedes 25 days ago

The Fortnite Roundup

By Alex Sprackling

Recently we saw Epic Games launch the biggest patch to Fortnite in its history. The winter event drew to a close for its Battle Royale game mode and we, sadly, won’t be able to parachute out of Santa’s bus or loot his Christmas trees any longer. 

Fortunately, the developers have acknowledged our love for these events, so here’s hoping we see some more seasonal surprises as the year progresses. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally down for an Easter themed egg hunt with Boogie Bombs inside!

But back to the big news. Featuring a revamped map with an array of new places to visit, players can explore everything from an abandoned mine to a new city on the western side. Not only that, but the latest patch also features various graphical updates to enrich the environment. In addition, voice chat for pre-game lobbies is now a thing; there’s no more adjusting your party settings to chat to your team. Other improvements include street lamps no longer blocking your building animations, giving you more leeway to construct those masterful bases.

Overhaul – the updated Battle Royale map, featuring new areas like Anarchy Acres and Haunted Hills.

January 15th also marked 100 days of Fortnite: Battle Royale. We’ll spare you the excessive trivia of how many gliders were deployed and materials harvested, but we will say that the game is now celebrating a total of 45 MILLION players. This is a huge milestone and reflects the incredible reception Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has received. Not only that, but with the launch of this site, we are confident the game we love has the potential to take the e-sports scene by storm.

Even so, quality of life updates, new places to explore and record numbers of players are unable to mask the elephant in the room. Friendly Fire has been disabled in what Epic Games are calling “exploratory and subject to change”. The decision is proving to divide opinion amongst the community.

Doubled-edged Sword – while disabling Friendly Fire prevents trolling, it opens the door to cheese tactics like noob-tube spam.

Even competitive player DaddyRebullz isn’t entirely sure. He said, “I feel it’s a good move for public games as it helps do away with the trolls but Friendly Fire should be enabled in competitive events. It’s not fair for somebody to rush me while his teammate stands further back spamming rockets on both of us.”

But what do you think? Should Epic Games keep Friendly Fire disabled? Let us know on social media. In the meantime, have fun exploring the new map and we’ll back in a fortnight for another Fortnite Roundup.