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TLOU Season 2 Playoffs!

Published by AaGuy 2 months ago

Here you will find information regarding Season 2 Playoffs for The Last of Us such as rosters, bracket and rules!







The team with the highest  seed (seed closest to 0) hosts maps 1,2 & 5. Example: Seed 3 vs Seed 6, seed 3 would host maps 1,2 & 5. (Find your seed on the bracket beside your team name).

The same in-game rules for team ladder apply to the league play-offs. Find the in-game rules here.

  1. Team leader from each team MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD: - There are channels for The Last of Us Playoffs
  2. The format is 3v3 but teams can agree to 4v4 if they both wish.
  3. Teams may only use players who are on the rosters above. 
  4. Teams are allowed to make subsititions, however teams are not allowed to make changes during a map, only in between maps!
  5. Teams may agree to play at different times but we have scheduled each map to take place at 6pm EST (11pm UK Time). Teams must play their games before round 2 (6pm EST Time the next day) or risk forfeit. This is a tournament, not a ladder match and teams must abide by the time restraints.
  6. Teams must send screenshots to admins via PSN or Discord!


Please join our main ESHUB Discord and use our TLOU channels to agree on times and discuss ideas regarding Season 3

Discord Invite:


Season 3

Information regarding season 3 will be released soon!