The eSports Hub registered with the Companies House, United Kingdom, in January 2016.

The Esports Hub was created by players and gamers who have a passion for esports. We continue to develop the brand with the player in mind and every member of the esports hub team is involved in esports to some extent; either through commentating, creating videos, running teams or playing actually playing the games. This way we ensure that all our projects are optimised for the player and we never lose touch of what is important.

Our goal is to provide accessible region specific tournaments and leagues for players in all different stages of their gaming careers, with a stern emphasis on providing opportunities for new players.

We focus on content production, this is equally important for us. We create our own video series on YouTube including interviews, Top 5 plays and weekly news videos. In addition to this, we run a very unique weekly hourlong LIVE Talkshow. Finally we produce articles on our website on a variety of topics related to esports.